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I'll be flying to Ireland with my 5 month old son Carter soon and was wondering what I was going to do about a high chair. I found a tutorial online to make a fabric chair, and tweaked it a little to my liking. It turned out great! I've used it at the mall as well as in restaurants. The restaurant we were in recently had one of those wooden high chairs with the flimsy strap in it. Carter can't quite sit up by himself yet so he was falling over in it. We used the travel chair inside the high chair and it worked perfectly! 

I've decided to sell these chairs in the hopes that they can help other parents out too. I'm just getting started, but plan on making more baby items in the future so stay tuned! Check out what I've made so far below. Thanks for looking :)

Baby Items For Sale

*All prices are for local pick up in the Comox Valley Region. Shipping is extra and will depend on items purchased.*

Fabric Travel Chair - $30

  • Lightweight travel chair
  • Fits in your diaper bag
  • Straps easily to most chairs
  • Double velcro in the back so baby can't undo it
  • Recommended for age 5-6 months +
  • Made with 100% pre-washed cotton
    • I have the fabrics below on hand. Just let me know which letter combinations you would like. If you have any special requests for color/pattern let me know. I will update photos as I buy more fabric. 

9" Custom Wooden Initials - $15

  • Choose your letter(s) and let me know what you would like for theme/pattern/colors, etc.
  • Can be hung on wall by the hole in the back or ribbon of your choice can be added for $2 extra
Custom wooden gift boxes - $25 for set of 3
- Small box $6
- Medium box $9
- Large box $13

  • Can be made in any theme/pattern/colour of your choosing
  • The set can match or have separate themes
  • Great as decoration for rooms or for gift giving
Custom wipes case - $12

  • Can be made in any fabric/colour combo of your choosing
  • Spices up that boring old wipes case!
**If you have any questions or ideas for customs items you can email me at Amy.Shaw@Live.Ca**

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